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About Excessive Epicness


Chess is fun! I strongly believe enjoying chess is the key ingredient to improving. If we are not enjoying our chess then how can we be motivated to do better? 'Excessive Epicness' is the first name I gave a chess team I was apart of that wasn't something simple like "Team Walker". It was a phrase a friend of mine used to describe me (sarcastically) after I was jokingly boasting about how I was 'too awesome' at something. Using it as a team name just felt so right. It was awesome, it got attention, it made people cringe (I think the president of the CAQ has gone out of his way to not say it a few times), it made people laugh and most importantly it was fun!

Excessive Epicness Chess has two main goals:

1) Awesome group coaching for juniors

We currently offer group coaching to juniors rated approximately between 800 and 1000 (give or take) see more here

2) A fun place to meet for social chess

Due to venue limitations we currently have a 'private' club open to a select few. However, we are currently looking for a more suitable venue to host an open club and run the occasional weekender. Stay tuned for more information.


Candidate Master - Tyson Walker



Why choose us


Learn chess with a highly experienced coach in a group of students at approximately the same strength as yourself.


Play tournament games after your lesson and put theory into practice


Revise what you learn with online access to revision and homework questions.